This Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing law enforcement twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred sixty-five days a year for the entire county in investigating crimes such as break-in’s, larcenies, rapes, murders, assaults, missing persons, suicides, providing peaceful solutions in civil disputes, spousal disputes and property owner disputes, protecting the public and their personal interests from the criminal element, serving all civil and criminal processes, collecting money on judgments, retrieving property for failure to pay debts, providing security for courtroom sessions, providing security for public functions, traffic control at wrecks and fire scenes, enforcing traffic laws, investigating illegal drug and alcohol abuse, providing preventive measures in drug abuse with a Narcotic K-9, providing School Resource Officers in the schools for crime prevention and as role models.

Expenditures within the Sheriff’s Office support office supplies, gas and oil and funds for repairs for the patrol vehicles, travel for trips for training, prisoner/mental patient transports, training funds for conference registrations and materials, telephone and postage for inter-office phone services and cell services for personnel and postage for daily mail and jury duty notices, purchase of new patrol vehicles.

This Sheriff’s Office is a revenue seeking office in paying for equipment and personnel. Revenue is sought through grants and solicitation of funds from private organizations to pay for programs to promote crime prevention and community policing efforts in building strong relationships. Seeking grant funds is a very competitive process. Therefore, without grant funds, equipment and personnel costs must be relied upon from the taxpayers of Camden County. This Sheriff’s Office collects fees for serving civil processes, fingerprint requests, copies of reports, concealed weapon permits, weapon purchase permits and solictation permits. The Sheriff’s Office enforces traffic laws stopping numerous violators including licenses that are revoked for failure to pay fines and those violators are brought in to pay fines. A strong effort is placed on drug enforcement to not only rid the county of drugs and keep children and adults safe and drug free, but for the NC Dept of Revenue to attach a tax stamp on the drugs and bring back 75% of the tax for the county revenues to support our drug investigation fund.

Without funds, this Sheriff’s Office cannot be a proactive professional organization preventing crime, drug and alcohol abuse.